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Hidden Assets Exposed: Weir & Weir

hidden assets

In this landmark case, the Full Court tackled complex issues of hidden assets and income misrepresentation in a property settlement dispute.

Introduction to the Case

In a landmark ruling, the court aimed to fairly compensate a wife for her husband’s significant undisclosed business income. This case focused on the wife’s appeal against initial property and child maintenance decisions, involving hidden assets.

Core Issue and Initial Judgment

The core issue involved the husband’s concealed income from their jointly owned quarry business, which proved challenging to quantify accurately.

Initially, the court ordered an equal property split and no child maintenance from the husband to the wife.

Investigation and Evidence

However, upon deeper investigation, undisclosed earnings came to light, suggesting that the husband had been concealing significant income.

Despite his denials, compelling evidence emerged from their son and an accountant, substantiating the wife’s claims. This led to the Full Court acknowledging the husband’s deliberate non-disclosure.

Court’s Decision and Compensation

The complexity of the case and the difficulty in determining the exact amount of hidden income were key considerations in the court’s decision.

Ultimately, the husband was ordered to pay the wife $50,000, which represented her share of the estimated $100,000 of concealed income.

Legal Costs and Conclusion

Additionally, the court recognized the wife’s financial burden due to the extended legal battle over valuation. As a result, she was awarded half of her legal expenses.

This ruling underscores the legal system’s commitment to fairness and transparency in family law disputes, especially in cases involving undisclosed assets and income.

It serves as a reminder of the importance of full disclosure in financial matters within marriage and the potential legal repercussions of concealing assets.

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By Tegan Martens
Director & Principal Lawyer
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