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Get Started With Us

Below is our online booking tool to get started with us.

Please refer to the Important Information section below for further details.


Important Information

As a first step, we offer a complimentary phone conference so we can learn more about how we can help you. That conference as a guide is usually around 15 minutes.

Following that conference, the course of action and cost will depend on the service you require as we are not ‘a one size fits all’ type of law firm.

Once you have completed our online booking, we will be in touch with you on the selected day and time.

A guide for completing our online booking is also below:

– When you select NEXT above, you will be taken to the Time tab, with a calendar showing available dates for our Director & Principal Lawyer, Tegan. This online calendar is helpfully connected with Tegan’s  personal calendar. We do note that the bookings are set for 7 days in advance however, so if your booking is urgent or you would like to conference earlier, please complete our Contact Us form below.

– Once you have selected a day and time, then select NEXT above again, and you will be taken to the Details tab. We ask that you please include your contact details here and then include an overview of your enquiry in the ‘Summary of your matter’ section. This will help us to determine the next steps and costs. Then select NEXT and your booking with us will be complete.

– In the event there are no available times, please complete the below Contact Us form.

–  We will then be in touch with you on the selected day and time.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to working together.

Tegan Martens
Director & Principal Family Lawyer
Martens Legal

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