Martens Legal

Our Story

Martens Legal is a modern and progressive law firm that practices exclusively in family law.

The law firm was opened in 2017 by Director and Principal Lawyer, Tegan Martens. Why? Because she wanted to create a law firm that aligned with her own values and how she wanted to practice as a family lawyer.

Over the years, the 3 core values that have truly reflected Martens Legal are:

1.We Care

What we do is more than a job to us. We care about what we do, we care about our clients and we care about each other. 

2. We Provide Transparency and Certainty

We are transparent about our fees, what to expect and what will be a realistic outcome from start to finish. 

3. We Are Strategic Planners

We spend the time at the beginning to understand our clients individual goals before we prepare a tailored plan to achieve them. 

How We Can Help

We help people to secure their financial future and move forward with their lives as timely and cost effectively as possible.

This can be both at the start or at the end of a relationship.

The key family law services we can help with include:

– amicable separations

– property settlements

– consent orders

– divorce

– financial agreements

– spousal maintenance

– negotiation

– mediation

– court litigation

Over the years we have established a niche within family law with more and more separated couples wanting to resolve their separation amicably and without having to resort to damaging court litigation. Why? Because no one wins in litigation due to the significant financial and emotional toll that it involves. It is why it should always be a last resort.

We do not however shy away from a worthy debate and will battle with the best during negotiations, mediation or court litigation when required and provided it will benefit our clients.

Our Service Locations

Due to the beauty of technology, we assist people Australia-wide. Our core locations however are North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

You will find our Brisbane office located at 359 Gympie Road, Kedron and our Sunshine Coast office at 174 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba – just a few minutes from the beach!

If you would like any further information, please contact us today or book an appointment online.