Family Law

Leaving The Family Home

Takeaway Point The decision to leave the family home following separation is an extremely difficult one to make. Will the children be ok? Will I lose my right to the family home if I leave? What about the mortgage? These are the questions that often arise when making the decision to leave. An experienced family lawyer can answer these questions…

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When Is A Prenup Recommended?

Takeaway Point A prenup (otherwise known as a financial agreement in Australia) may be an awkward discussion to have at the start of a relationship; however, should you separate, it could save you a lot of time, money and emotional cost. While we understand that a prenup is not for everyone, there are many situations where we would recommend you…

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Can I Move Away With The Children?

Takeaway Point If you are thinking about moving away with the children, we strongly recommend that you speak with a lawyer first. Getting the right advice before you make the move not only best protects you, but also helps best protect the interests of the children. Alternatively, if it is the other parent who has said they intend to move with…

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How Do I Afford A Family Lawyer If My Ex Has All The Cash?

  Takeaway Point The “Hogan Order” exists to enable both parties to have access to qualified legal advice and representation. It provides both parties an equal opportunity to present their case. If you’re aware there’s cash available that you can’t access, we recommend contacting a family lawyer to discuss your options. Would You Like Further Information? For more information, read…

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